How to fix canon printer alignment problem?

Hi, I have a Canon wireless printer which is 7 months old. I use it for my office paperwork and a few printing requirements here a...

Canon Printer

by Morten on 26 Feb, 2018

Why I am facing a problem with my Canon printer while scanning?

I can’t scan documents to my Windows 7 PC but on the other hand, my Canon scanner is printing smoothly. When I try to scan pdf f...

Canon Printer

by Samuel on 09 Feb, 2018

How do I get Wifi on my Canon mp495 series printer?

I am trying to make a WiFi connection with my Canon printer but I am facing some problem. After setting the connection, I see “P...

Canon Printer

by Shuan on 03 Feb, 2018

How do I set up my Canon pixma mp495 printer to my WiFi?

Now a days I am experiencing some problem with my Canon printer. It worked great for 6 months but after updating printer drivers m...

Canon Printer

by Dylan on 03 Feb, 2018

My laptop will not recognize my wireless printer?

I was using Canon wireless printer and it was working fine till yesterday. Actually, my laptop got infected with a virus and due t...

Canon Printer

by Smith on 02 Feb, 2018

Canon printer not printing photos from camera?

I am using Canon MX700 printer for several years and it was working flawlessly. Yesterday, I was trying to print some old pictures...

Canon Printer

by Fahad on 02 Feb, 2018

Printer wifi says its connected but won't print?

I have a Canon PIXMA G4210 at home. It is an all-in-one wireless printer which I bought 3 months back. Today morning when I gave a...

Canon Printer

by Robin on 01 Feb, 2018

How to get Canon printer online on Mac?

My Canon Pixma MX330 printer is not connecting to Mac. Whenever I try to print it tells me the printer is offline, although it isn...

Canon Printer

by Ryan on 01 Feb, 2018

How to change printer from offline to online Canon?

Hello everyone! My Canon mg3200 printer worked well until today. As per my knowledge, I have setup my Canon printer properly but I...

Canon Printer

by Howard on 01 Feb, 2018

How can I install Canon printer Pixma mp250 without the CD?

I want to install Canon printer Pixma mp250 on my Windows 7 operating system without the CD as I have lost it. I am trying to look...

Canon Printer

by Kyle on 31 Jan, 2018

Is there any way to connect a wireless Canon printer to my laptop?

I am trying to setup Canon wireless printer (MX436) on my Acer laptop (Windows 7) but failing every time. After turning on WiFi on...

Canon Printer

by Jonathan on 31 Jan, 2018

My Canon IP 3500 printer won't print says not connected when it is?

I have printed from my Canon IP 3500 printer from 2 months with no problems. But suddenly today, after printing 10 pages, my print...

Canon Printer

by Mark on 30 Jan, 2018

Why I am unable to connect canon mx330 to network?

I have a Canon mx330 printer at home for over an year now. The printer used to work just fine and never gave me any major trouble ...

Canon Printer

by Allen on 29 Jan, 2018

How do I install my Canon mp210 printer without a CD?

Actually, I have lost my Canon printer installation CD and it is very urgent to install Canon printer on Windows 8 operating syste...

Canon Printer

by Carl on 29 Jan, 2018

Computer says printer is offline, but it isn't?

My Canon printer is showing offline, I don’t understand when I have connected my printer to computer then why it is showing as o...

Canon Printer

by Richard on 29 Jan, 2018

Why is my Canon mp130 printer offline?

I have a Canon mp 130 printer at home for over 6 months now. it used to work perfectly fine until last night and did not show any ...

Canon Printer

by Ben on 29 Jan, 2018

How to print from iPad?

I have a Canon printer at home with laser ink technology. recently my brother gifted me an iPad and while browsing on it, I came a...

Canon Printer

by Corey on 24 Jan, 2018

How to scan paper from mp480 canon printer scanner to laptop?

First time, I am trying to scan documents by connecting my MP480 Canon printer to the laptop. When I plugged the cord in, it says ...

Canon Printer

by Morten on 24 Jan, 2018

How to fix error on Canon printer?

Hello, I just hooked my Canon 950 printer with Macbook Pro. While printing, documents look like they are going to print but LED fl...

Canon Printer

by Nick on 24 Jan, 2018

How to fix error b200 on Canon printers?

At my home, there are two canon printers i.e., Canon MX870 printer and Canon MX926 printer. Both of them are working fine but yest...

Canon Printer

by Mark on 24 Jan, 2018

Scan images onto a computer from Canon Printer?

I have a Canon all-in-one laser printer at home which I have bought recently. The printer prints fine and I have been using it for...

Canon Printer

by Nick on 23 Jan, 2018

Print on both sides of paper on Canon printer?

I am unable to print pdf documents on both sides of paper using my Canon Laser printer MF3010. I can easily print on both sides of...

Canon Printer

by Jed on 23 Jan, 2018

Why my printer is not responding?

When I try to print from my Canon i560 printer, “Printer not responding” message displays on the screen. I don’t understand ...

Canon Printer

by Ronny on 20 Jan, 2018

How do you get a Canon printer online?

I am using Canon mp495 wireless printer. It was working fine from a long time but suddenly it says it is offline, I don’t know h...

Canon Printer

by Shaun on 20 Jan, 2018

Why my Canon Printer's prints are blurry?

I have a Canon ink-jet printer at home and I have been using it for over an year without any major malfunctioning and it has been ...

Canon Printer

by Nate on 19 Jan, 2018

Why won't my Canon Printer print after changing an ink cartridge?

I have a Canon ink-jet printer at home for more than 3 months now and it used to work perfectly fine until now. I use it for print...

Canon Printer

by Jhon on 17 Jan, 2018

Help Setting up my canon printer wireless?

Hello, folks, recently I bought a Canon Pixma E-560 for my home printing needs. It is a wireless printer and something was wrong o...

Canon Printer

by Ned on 17 Jan, 2018

How to fix double letters in a Canon Printer printout?

I have a Canon MX432 Printer at home and it is wireless. The printer has been working fine for quite some time but last night the ...

Canon Printer

by David on 09 Jan, 2018

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