Dell E515dw Can print but Can't Scan?

I have a Dell E515dw all-in-0ne printer at home which i need for my Office related work. The scanner of the printer for some reaso...

Dell Printer

by Noel on 19 Apr, 2018

Unable to connect printer to laptop over wifi?

I am having trouble in connecting my printer to my laptop over the wifi. My Windows computer is connected and working fine but no ...

Dell Printer

by Tom on 18 Apr, 2018

Dell c1765 Black cartridge printing light gray?

Hello, folks I have an issue with my Dell c1765 printer. The black cartridge seems to be not working properly as the printer print...

Dell Printer

by Allan on 25 Feb, 2018

Dell 1320c printing grey instead of black?

Hello, I have a Dell 1320c printer at my home. I use it for my office related document work and a few print assignments of kids. T...

Dell Printer

by Ronny on 25 Feb, 2018

How to troubleshoot dell laser printers?

I am using a Dell laser printer and 100% sure that it is compatible with Windows 7 OS. When Windows Update downloads the drivers f...

Dell Printer

by Christ on 09 Feb, 2018

How to fix a failed Dell printer installation?

Hey, I bought a Dell Printer from Amazon. The package was neat and everything look perfect. Yesterday I sat down to install the Pr...

Dell Printer

by Keat on 07 Feb, 2018

How to fix Dell printer paper jam?

Hey folks! Actually, my printer was not printing anything and because of this problem I open my printer and found that some papers...

Dell Printer

by Christ on 02 Feb, 2018

Mac showing "printer offline" when trying to print after the printer has gone into sleep/standby?

Hello, folks I have a Dell wireless inkjet printer at home which is a default printer for my Mac. Recently I have noticed that my ...

Dell Printer

by Derk on 01 Feb, 2018

Need help connecting printer without CD/DVD drive?

Hello, folks I am having a hard time setting up my Dell printer. I recently borrowed it from my sister since she was upgrading her...

Dell Printer

by Daniel on 01 Feb, 2018

How do I get my Dell V313W printer to connect to my wifi?

I have recently bought a Dell V313W wireless printer for my home needs. I am using a Windows 7 PC and iiNet is my service provider...

Dell Printer

by Jeff on 30 Jan, 2018

Why my Dell printer is not printing yellow colour?

Hello folks! My Dell printer is not printing yellow color and I don’t understand what’s the reason behind this. I have also ch...

Dell Printer

by Max on 30 Jan, 2018

Dell v105 printer will not print from PC?

All of a sudden my Dell v105 refused to print doc files, pdf files, photos. I am 100% sure that all settings are correct then why ...

Dell Printer

by Mark on 30 Jan, 2018

Dell v525w no longer printing black ink?

I recently installed Dell v525w printer on Windows 10 operating system. The downloading process and running were conducted in capa...

Dell Printer

by Robert on 29 Jan, 2018

Why my Dell printer won't print labels?

I want to print USB labels but my Dell printer is not printing them. I have also tried many configurations but still, I am unable ...

Dell Printer

by Jake on 29 Jan, 2018

Can't scan from my Dell printer onto my computer?

I have connected my computer to the Dell Photosmart printer through the ethernet cable. I can print from computer to printer but t...

Dell Printer

by Victor on 29 Jan, 2018

Why my Dell printer is not printing properly?

I recently purchased Dell V515w printer. It was working properly but all of a sudden color ink cartridges are not printing. The ca...

Dell Printer

by Skip on 24 Jan, 2018

Where can I download software for my Dell printer?

Hi folks! I want to install Dell printer 720 on Windows 8 operating system. Neither I have installation CD nor printer manual from...

Dell Printer

by Steven on 18 Jan, 2018

How to fix paper misfeed errors in Dell Printers device?

My Dell 1350cnw printer is refusing to print saying paper jam error code 075~100. I am 100% sure that there are no bits of paper c...

Dell Printer

by Noel on 15 Jan, 2018

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